Whats the real meaning of 143

143 hmmm…. In numerical terms it is a three digit number, at the hundreds place is 1 and tens place is 4 and at the units place is 3 this is what I taught to my kid who is in grade 2…
For a guy proposing a girl it is 143 or I love you and if the girl doesn't like it is I Hate you….
Then one more I remembered now is I Like you , ‘ I Miss You’…

143 in General as in India many a people consider it a language of letters..for example those who cannot say ‘I Love You’ directly use 1-4-3.
Then, it goes for the same ‘I Hate You’ , ‘ I Miss You’..etc
It entirely depends upon the connection you’ve with person saying or using it on you or in front of you.

I - 1 letter
Love - 4 letters
You - 3 letters
Even though there can be many words that can be formed in this format like
I kick you
I hate you
I miss you
I kiss you and many other but 143 for I love you is more familiar
Thank you