android architecture or Android software stack

or Android software stack is categorized into five parts:

  1. linux kernel
  2. native libraries (middleware),
  3. Android Runtime
  4. Application Framework
  5. Applications

Let's see the android architecture first.

1) Linux kernel

It is the Android system design in the Android design. The Linux kernel is responsible for device drivers, power management, memory management, device management, and asset acquisition.

2) ancient libraries
The library's first library, such as WebKit, OpenGL, FreeType, SQLite, Media, C runtime library (libc), is at the top of the Linux Lunar Calendar.

The WebKit library is responsible for browser support, SQLite support, font support, FreeType for font support, audio and video formats for media playback.

3) Android Runtime
The main library in the android program and the DVM (Dalvik Virtual Machine) are responsible for running the android application. DVM, like JVM, is optimized for mobile devices. It uses less memory and provides faster performance.

4) Android Framework
There is a android framework on top of libraries and on the top of Android. Android API as an Android API, such as UI (UI), telephony, resources, locations, content providers (data), and bundled administrators. Includes. Enriching the Android application provides you with lots of features and interactions.

5) Applications
There are apps on the top of the Android infrastructure. All apps, such as home, contacts, settings, games and browsers are android configurations that use android launcher and libraries. Android Run and Native Libraries are using linux kernal. 


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