Understanding the Audience SEO

Understanding the Audience SEO

Mapping your products and services

    What types of products, services, and types of information and resources does your organization have to offer
    SEO also should consider business development and the company’s expansion strategy at the outset of the SEO planning process.
    Example of amazon.com i.e. from books to multi-product e-commerce portal.

Content is the King

The content you have available to you will affect your keyword research and site architecture, as your site content is the major source of information that search engines use to determine what your site is about.
When looking at content plans it is critical to consider not only what you already have, but also what you could develop.

Segmenting Your Site’s Audience

Audience is the most important factor in planning for SEO.
For example, Site A may be a website that sells gadgets. As a result, the site’s developers go out and implement a brilliant campaign to rank for the terms they consider relevant. Being young and energetic, they focus on the way their peers search for gadgets, but Site A is focused on selling gadgets to people who are age 50 or older.

Location of Searcher

Another major criterion to consider might be location. Searchers in Rajkot, Gujarat may naturally want a different version of your product than searchers in Chicago.