SEO Retrieval and Rankings

Retrieval and Rankings

For most of the searchers, the request for the knowledge begins with

The next step in this quest for knowledge occurs when the search engine returns a list of relevant pages on the Web in the order most likely to satisfy the user.

This process requires the search engines to perform searching of given word or sentence in its billions of documents and do two things:
(1)Return only the results that are related to the searcher’s query; and
(2)Rank the results in order of perceived importance (taking into account the trust and authority associated with the site). It is both relevance and importance that the process of SEO is meant to influence.

Relevance is the degree to which the content of the documents returned in a search matches the user’s query intention and terms.
  The relevance of a document increases if the terms or phrase queried by the user occurs multiple times and shows up in the title of the work or in important headlines or subheads, or if links to the page come from relevant pages and use relevant anchor text.

You can think of relevance as the first step to being “in the game.” If you are not relevant to a query, the search engine does not consider you for inclusion in the search results for that query.

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