SEO Project Starts

Putting together an SEO plan

Performing a technical SEO audit of a site

Setting a baseline for measuring results and progress

The Major Elements of Planning

  1. Prepare SEO Planning before your site goes live
  2. SEO Should be done before:
  •     Technology choice
  •   Hosting platform
  •   Content Preparation
  •   Even Before giving first title of the website

Technology Choices

SEO Plays an importantrole in Technology choice
  1. Selection of web Servers
  2. For example, if you use IIS, the default redirect choice is a 302. You can configure IIS to use a 301 redirect, but this is something you need to understand and build into your SEO plan up front

Market Segmentation

Most important and critical factor is the nature of the market in which you are competing.

In some markets, natural search is intensively competitive.

Below figure shows Google results for credit cards. In this market, Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover all fail to make the #1 position in Google’s results, so you know this market is highly competitive