SEO for Mindshare/Branding

SEO for Mindshare/Branding

A less popular but equally powerful application of SEO is its use for branding purposes. Bloggers, social media/community websites, content producers, news outlets, and dozens of other web publishing archetypes have found tremendous value in appearing atop search results and using the resulting exposure to bolster their brand recognition and authority.

When to employ

Use it when branding, or communicating a message, is your goal. If you do not have direct monetization goals for the moment or for the foreseeable future, this is the approach for you.

Keyword Targeting

keyword focus is less critical here—you’ll likely have a few broad terms that receive the high traffic you want, but the long tail may be far more achievable and the better target.

Page and content creation/optimization

Make an accessible site, use good link structure, apply best practices, and focus on links for domain authority rather than chasing after specific keywords.