Link Analysis Search Engine

Link Analysis Search Engine

Who is linking to a site or page

What they are saying about site / page

No. of links is the important factor

Links from high authority sites is the most crucial factor

For example, you are interested in sites about dog grooming. Search engine can use semantic analysis to identify the collection of web pages that focus on the topic of dog grooming.

The search engines can then determine which of these sites about dog grooming have the most  links  from  the set  of  dog  grooming  sites.  These  sites are  most  likely  more authoritative on the topic than others.

The actual analysis is a bit more complicated than that. For example imagine that there are five sites about dog grooming with a 
lot of links from pages across the web on the topic as follows:

Site A has 213 topically related links

Site B has 192 topically related links 

Site C has 203 topically related links

Site D has 113 topically related links

Site E has 122 topically related links

Assume that Site A,B,D and E linked with each other but none of them are linked with site C.

In this scenario, site C is definitively not authoritative because it is not linked to by the right sites.

This  concept  of  grouping  sites  based  on  their  relevance  is  referred  as  a link neighbourhood.