Identifying the Site Development Process and Players

Identifying the Site Development 
Process and Players

Before start working on SEO we need to keep in mind following three questions
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is your message?
  • How relevant your message is?

No Web Designing tools are useful to answer this questions only a good team work or marketing, advertisement and PR Team.

Your SEO team should be cross-functional and multidisciplinary, consisting of the team manager, the technical team, the creative team, and the major stakeholders from marketing, advertising, and PR. In a smaller organization, you may have to wear all of those hats yourself.

  1. Who the target audience is?
  2. What does marketing team know about them?
  3. How did we find them?
  4. What metrics will we use to track them?
  5. What message will be deliver by the PR to the general public?