Evaluating Content on a Web Page SEO

 Evaluating Content on a Web Page

•Search engine place a lot of weight on the content of each web page. The search engine does detailed analysis of each web page they find during their crawl to help make that determination.

•Search Engine performing a detailed analysis of all words and phrases that appear on a web page, and then building a map of that data.

This map often referred to as semantic map; from this map the search engine can better understand how to match the right web pages with user search queries.

•If there is no semantic match of the content of a web page to the query, the page has a much lower possibility of showing up, therefore the words you put on the web page play a huge role in ranking.

Next two figures will display how a search engine will break up a page when it looks at it

The navigational elements of a web page are likely similar across the many pages of a site. These elements are not ignored, they play an important role but they do not help a search engine determine what the unique content is on a page because those navigation links are shared among many web pages.

•Only “Real Content” is help full to the search engine to determine the unique content.