Defining Your Site’s Information Architecture

Defining Your Site’s Information Architecture

Whether you have built a site already or not, you should plan to research the desired site architecture (from an SEO perspective) at the start of your SEO project, a task which can be divided into two major components: technology decisions and structural decisions.

Technology Decision: Our technology choices can have a major impact on your SEO results which are as follows:

  • Dynamic URLs
  • Session IDs or user IDs in the URL
  • Superfluous flags in the URL
  • Links or content based in JavaScript, Java, or Flash
  • Content behind forms (including pull-down lists)
  • Temporary (302) redirects
  • Redirect

Structural Decisions: One of the most basic decisions to make about a website concerns internal linking and navigational structures which includes following points:

  • Which pages are linked with home page?
  • Which pages are treated as category pages?
  • Relevant pages should be linked with each other or not?