Analyzing Ranking Factors SEO

Analyzing Ranking Factors (now periodically conducts surveys of leading search engine optimizers to determine what they think are the most important ranking factors.  They are divided into mainly three. 

(1)Positive Ranking Factors.

(2)Negative Ranking Factors.

(3)Other Ranking Factors.

Positive Factors

Keyword use in title tag

Anchor text of inbound link

Global link authority of site

Age of site

Link popularity within the site’s internal link structure

Topical relevance of inbound link

Link popularity of site in topical community

Keyword use in body text

Global link popularity of sites that link to the site.

Negative Factors

Server is often inaccessible to crawler

Content very similar to or duplicate of other web pages

External links to low-quality/spam sites

Participation in link schemes or actively selling links

Duplicate titles/meta tags on many pages

Other Factors

Rate of acquisition of links

Usage data

User Data

Google sandbox – Work as a filter